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We will use a layered approach to develop models of progressive increased complexity and focus, making the most of existing information. In the first instance we will reconstruct the complete synaptic interactome using protein interaction data obtained by WP1. This will provide a firmly grounded framework onto which we can build all further data and […]

Synaptic physiology

This section is instrumental in determining the role of specific synaptic proteins to the physiology of the synapse and in providing quantitative data on, e.g., the release of transmitter, the pre- and post-synaptic mechanisms of plasticity of the synapse. These data will form the basis for dynamic models to be generated in WP7. Also, this […]


This section deals with storage and making available synaptic protein data for computational analysis. Primary identification and interaction data on synaptic proteins that will be stored is gathered in WP1. Synapse physiology data will be gathered from WPs 4 and 5 and will also be retrieved from already existing information via public databases of interest. […]

Synaptic proteomics

This section deals with the identification of synaptic proteins and the state-dependent interaction of proteins in to complexes. Synaptic proteomics is the stepping-stone to the databasing of the synapse as performed in Bioinformatics. WP1 – Functional profiling of the mammalian synaptic proteome and interactome. In this workpackage we will investigate the synaptic proteome, local transcriptome, […]

4th European Synapse Meeting

28 - 30 August 2013
Bordeaux, France