Participant 17: Sylics (SME) (SYL)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CEO: Prof. dr. A.B. Brussaard

The main task of Sylics (the tradename of Synaptologics BV) within SYNSYS is to provide a smooth operation process by supporting coordination and management activities of the coordinator. Whereas the coordinator (Smit) will be responsible for the overall program, and in particular for the financial mangement, Sylics will focus on project management and logisitcs, specifically implementing optimized and customized solutions for the partner groups, e.g., providing updated timetables and budgets, providing meeting schedules and organizing conferences, drafting reports and provide reporting to the EU, engaging in data-dissemination and webhosting as well as organizing webinars enhancing networking and training activities.

4th European Synapse Meeting

28 - 30 August 2013
Bordeaux, France