Participant 12 : Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (VIB)

Research: VIB at KUL, Belgium
Prof. dr. Claudia Bagni

The group will focus on providing the mRNP composition of the synaptosomes during development. The mRNA/RNA content will be analyzed on microarrays (in the dedicated VIB facility). In a parallel study we will isolate native mRNPs (translating and silent) through well-established sucrose gradients and the content of the two different components (RNA and protein) analyzed independently (microarray and mass spec). Finally these studies will be performed for a pathological condition such as mental retardation using three mouse models to study the Fragile X Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

4th European Synapse Meeting

28 - 30 August 2013
Bordeaux, France